Kitt lives and teaches in Brookfield, WI

What students have to say

... from a young student's mother:
Our daughter has had the great fortune of working with Kitt for the last three years. All we can say is WOW! She has keyed in on our daughter's vocal strengths, helped her develop proper singing habits, and increased her range way beyond what we ever expected. In addition, Kitt has inspired her with her endless enthusiasm, her kind and sweet personality, and her unmatched knowledge of the vocal arts. Kitt is a rare find and we are truly blessed to be working with her.

... from an adult student:
After a few short years, Kitt has shown me how to produce a sound that I can appreciate where there used to be only embarrassment. While she demands my best effort, she also offers great care and encouragement. Without her coaching I could never have achieved the vocal success I currently enjoy. She continues to be my guiding star, guru, and friend, and I look forward to many more years of hard and happy work and continuing results.